Bay Colony Golf Club

2018 Clubhouse Expansion & Remodel


ARCHITECT: Peacock + Lewis
FFA DESIGN: Peacock + Lewis
OWNER: Bay Colony Golf Club
SIZE: 34,526 sqft


  • 2018 CBIA – Sand Dollar Award, Best Interior Design for a Remodeled Clubhouse


Naples, Florida

Bay Colony is known for having one of the most beautiful and pristine golf courses in Southwest Florida. The interior design inspiration simply came from looking out upon the fairway at a golden sun, setting over the velvet like golf course. We knew then that the view and the scenery would be our inspiration and the focal point for guests enjoying the Bay Colony Clubhouse dining experience. The existing windows were replaced with floor to ceiling folding doors, which enlarged the room and opened up the views to the 19th hole. The existing draperies and window treatments were removed, allowing the view to be the star of the room. Decorative sconces were added to cast soft light throughout the space and create a warmer feel.

The color palette is simple and can be described in two words; light and airy. All design elements were included to enhance and embrace the golf course views. By adding large scale folding glass doors and outdoor shades, the covered terrace has now become part of the indoor – outdoor dining experience. The views of the well – manicured course, and stunning water features are carefully framed with beautiful outdoor drapery sheers. Fire pits and casual seating were added for guests to linger and enjoy cocktails while watching the magnificent sun sets.

It has been said that when WCI set out to build Bay Colony in 1973, on overgrown mangroves and tomato fields, it was to be their vision of Shangri-La, “a mystical, harmonious valley, that has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and a permanently happy land”. We also wanted to give a nod to Bay Colony’s logo, a play on King Triton, a mythological Greek god, who was the messenger of the sea. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, Triton dwelt in a golden palace in the depths of the sea. We kept all of this in mind when selecting the warm color palette, which consists of soft glows of gold, combined with comforting hues of grey and earth tones.