North Palm Beach Country Club



Architect: Peacock + Lewis
Interior Architecture: Peacock + Lewis
FF&A Design: Peacock + Lewis
Contractor: Weitz Construction
Owner: Village of North Palm Beach
Size: 40,000 sq ft, Budget: $18 million
Project Completion: December 2019
Contact: Andy Lukasik, Village Manager

North Palm Beach, Florida

Considered one of the top public golf courses in the United States, the Village of North Palm Beach badly needed to address its outdated clubhouse which suffered from disrepair and deferred maintenance. Residents expressed dissatisfaction with many aspects of the clubhouse, and throughout the years, the necessary repair costs were escalating to untenable levels. In order to serve both the existing members and the many guests who visited the property, as well as attract future new members and repeat business, it was time for municipal leadership to move forward in addressing these issues.

When Jack Nicklaus redesigned the golf course in 2008, he visualized a new clubhouse that someday would be elevated above the golf course providing views down the #9 and #18 fairways and onto #9 and #18 greens. He also visualized a clubhouse designed to provide panoramic views of his redesigned golf course. As envisioned, the new clubhouse met all of Mr. Nicklaus’ goals. It also provides a new joint-use snack bar at the turn for golfers and those on the pool deck. Large gathering patios and terraces to support other outdoor leisure activities and functions which are so important to the entire community. The new clubhouse was designed in the Anglo Caribbean or Island Classical style with broad covered gathering porches, patios and pavilions to relax, dine and spend leisure time together.

The new clubhouse was designed as a ‘core-design’ with all backof-house space and infrastructure in the center ‘core’ and all frontof-house space on the perimeter. All the perimeter gathering spaces have large windows with Low-E glazing and clerestory cupolas which allow abundant natural daylight to fill the spaces by day
reducing the need for artificial lighting.

With the majority of user spaces accessed from covered walkways on the perimeter of the building (in lieu of air conditioned hallways) less than half of the building is air conditioned and heated greatly reducing energy consumption.

Located on the highest point on the site, the new clubhouse is oriented and designed to capture prevailing sea breezes allowing the majority of the building to be designed without HVAC systems.