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Sarasota Yacht Club

Yacht Club Clubhouse & Amenities


INTERIOR DESIGN: Peacock + Lewis
FF&A DESIGN: Peacock + Lewis
CONTRACTOR: Tandem Construction
SIZE: 20,000 sqft



  • 2011 AWI – Award of Excellence



  • Design Solutions | June, 2011 “Fine Woodworking Helps Yacht Club Sail Away in Luxury”

Sarasota, Florida

The Peacock + Lewis Interior Design team was contracted to provide interior design services for the Sarasota Yacht Club in 2008. P+L’s team prepared concepts for each of the key areas in the club: Lobby, Neptune Bar, Porthole Bar, Interior Dining, Terrace Dining, Fitness Center and Poolside Amenities.

Peacock + Lewis studied the architectural plans and presented interior concepts to compliment the Coastal Contemporary Style. A luxury yacht was the inspiration for our design. As the design of a luxury yacht has a sleek exterior with all the latest technologies and a warm and inviting interior, so does the design of the Sarasota Yacht Club. The proportion of the lobby reminded us of a boat slip. We introduced the boat form to replicate a teak and holly boat deck. Bubble chandeliers reinforce the coastal contemporary style. Above the reception desk are light fixtures inspired by deck prisms. Deck prisms were historically used in ship decks to light below deck by day and on deck by night. Additional ship details include the rich wood ship hull panels for the Lobby and Neptune Bar walls.

The Honors Gallery runs along the front of the building. Mini sail inspired pendant fixtures highlight black and white sailboat photos that can be seen from the John Ringling Blvd. at night. The interior’s color palette begins with the Lobby’s neutral wood tones, leather upholstery with navy and red accents. Sarasota artist, David Steiner’s Blue Ohm triptych sits above a white leather lobby sofa. The color palette builds to a stronger blue palette in the dining rooms and gets infused with red for the high energy Porthole Bar.

The Bar designs located on opposite sides of the building are quite different experiences. The Neptune Bar off the lobby is an intimate space with fireside seating. The marble mantle and fireplace surround were patterned from full slabs of Teak Marble to accentuate the natural beauty of the stone’s formation. The curved front of the wood bar follows the Neptune Bar’s windows. Peacock + Lewis designed an open ship rail detail facing the water view. To keep this space a quiet intimate environment and allow for TV viewing, Peacock + Lewis located (3) plasma televisions inside the over bar.

The dining spaces are surrounded by terrace dining for over 100 patrons. Lounge chairs offer comfortable seating options. These same lounge chairs create the cabana seating on the Spinnaker Pool Deck below. Captain’s chairs are installed at the Spinnaker Bar in addition to chaise lounge and dining tables. Pool umbrellas reflect the design of the building’s sailcloth. The Spinnaker Bar top is locally made of concrete, glass and shell.

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