Vineyards Country Club



Interior Architecture: Peacock + Lewis
FF&A Design: Peacock + Lewis
Contractor: Michael Saadeh
Owner:  Vineyards Country Club
Size: 70,000 sq ft                                      
Completion Date: July 2020                         
Contact: Paul Malonson, General Manager

Naples, Florida

At the Vineyards Country Club, Peacock + Lewis was tasked with bringing modern updates to a traditionally Tuscan interior. Within the 70,000 sq.ft clubhouse, the areas of focus included the Lobby, Lobby Bar,  Mr. P’s Tavern and Private Dining/ Wine Room, Ball Room, Locker rooms, Bridal Suite, Men’s suite, Card Room, Corridors and Board room.

The newly renovated club offers its members and guests a visually expanded, modern and elegant interior using refined lines and luxurious finishes and furnishings.  Specialty decorative lighting throughout provides a touch of chic and a splash of interest in each of the areas while creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Soft hues of white, blues, greens and greys complimented with modern abstract art, fabrics, and custom carpeting throughout, elevated the club to an unmatched standard making it a highly sought-after members-only club.